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Craig Matsumoto03/18/14
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Cisco Slims Its SDN Story Down to ONE Controller

Cisco plans to apply software-defined networking (SDN) and policy management across three major areas — the WAN, the data center, and the access network — in an ambitious plan that, in a sense, turns the entire network into one product.

Ariya Hidayat02/17/14
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The Majestic jQuery Conference San Diego 2014

The amazing weather in San Diego became the witness of the awesome jQuery Conference held this week. The keynotes were entertaining, the talks were inspiring (the videos will be available in the near future), and of course nothing beats meeting folks from this vibrant jQuery community.

Eric Minick10/18/12
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Putting the Dev in DevOps: DevOps Days Rome Review

The theme for this conference was “Culture”. If DevOps is a “culture thing”, then surely we need to involve both Dev and Ops. The surprising part was that there did not seem to be anyone from the Dev side of things.

Mitch Pronschinske10/10/12
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New Tech for LINQ Access to HBase and Hadoop

You may ask why you would want to access HBase from .NET. Well the truth is that Hadoop and the closely coupled NoSQL database, HBase, are built in Java and really, that's the most seamless language option when you have to write code for the de facto MapReduce framework.

Veera Sundar05/28/12
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6 Java Web Applications Hosting in the Cloud

This list takes a look at the likes of Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, and Windows Azure (among others).

Eric Genesky05/27/12
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This August, Linux Foundation will Launch CloudOpen Event

CloudOpen will be held alongside of LinuxCon this August, and will cover hypervisors, deployment tools, big data offerings and cloud platforms (and associated tools).

Claus Ibsen05/23/12
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A Full Overview of the CamelOne 2012 Conference

CamelOne was yet again a really cool and fun conference. It was a 2 day packed with great talks with a balanced mix of technical talks, cloud stuff, and showcases of integration in the real world.

Kathiravelu Pra...05/23/12
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Get to Know Stratos - WSO2's Cloud Middleware Platform

A quick, informative 29-slide introduction to Stratos, WSO2's cloud middleware platform.

Chris Haddad05/22/12
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Users and End-Users Personalize Content via the Cloud

The cloud has enhanced users' ability to not only provide but also engage content according to unique needs and interests. This revolution in content personalization was discussed recently at the Cloud Computing Conference.

Mitch Pronschinske05/21/12
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Hadoop MapReducers in .NET - Making C# and VB First Class Citizens in Hadoop

Why would anyone want to build Hadoop MapReducers in .NET? For one, Hadoop is a Java tool and JNBridge thinks they've found a way to make .NET a first class citizen by using their .NET to Java interop technology.

Brian Gracely05/20/12
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The Cloudcast: PaaS Meets Data Gravity

Brian talks with Dave McCrory (VMware Cloud Foundry) and Adron Hall (Tier 3) about the evolution of Cloud Foundry and how Tier 3 is developing and delivering their PaaS services.

Andrew Fife05/19/12
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Hybrid Cloud Emerges as a Hot Topic at Interop

In a recent article for PC Magazine, reporter Michael Miller rehashed some of the key issues discussed during last week’s Interop conference.

Ben Kepes05/18/12
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Video: More Issues Around Cloud Adoption with Ben Kepes

A discussion of one of the main issues surrounding cloud computing adoption: control. Ben Kepes continues his discussion as a curator of Rackspace's CloudU program.

Maarten Balliauw05/18/12
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On June 7th, Get to MEET Windows Azure on Twitter

The MEET Azure blog relay includes these big names: Roger Jennings, Anton Staykov, Patriek van Dorp,Marcel Meijer, Nuno, Shaun Xu, and Magnus Martensson.

Eric Genesky05/17/12
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CloudBees BuildHive is Alive!

GitHub users rejoice! Today CloudBees announced the release of BuildHive, a continuous integration tool that enables build/text jobs for existing GitHub repositories.