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Daily Dose - Check Out the EJB on That JBoss AS

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The fourth JBoss Application Server 6.0 milestone was released this week.  It is the first to include support for EJB 3.1 Timer Service and EJB 3.1 Asynchronous invocations. M4 also comes with a different default JBossWS stack that uses Apache CXF.  With this support, users will immediately get better performance for WS-*.

Objectivity Ships its New GraphDB
Just a few hours ago, Objectivity released its first product excursion into the Graph database realm.  InfiniteGraph 1.0 was released in a beta preview a few weeks ago, and now the final release is finished with a few deals for qualified start-ups.  InfiniteGraph, in accordance with its name, focuses on giving users unlimited scalability in a distributed environment.  

The First Perl 6 Distro is Finished
Rakudo Star, the "useful, usable, early adopter distribution" of the long awaited Perl 6, is finally available this week.  The distro consists of the Rakudo compiler, the Parrot VM, Perl 6 resources, and non-core modules such as XML::Writer, MiniDBI, SVG, Term::ANSIColor and LWP::Simple.  Rakudo Star has many of the features in Perl 6 that Perl users thought might never come.  Those features include the object model, gradual typing, introspection, junctions and auto-threading.  However, there are still some features that are not properly implemented yet.

Zend Touts New Unlimited Subscription
PHP leader, Zend, has changed its software licensing model this week to start offering PHP web app deployment solutions within annual subscription packages.  They believe their new Unlimited package will be lucrative to enterprises looking for cost-effective infrastructures, specifically multi-server PHP application deployments.  Zend's Server Cluster Manager will help them handle the servers while Zend Studio IDE aids in PHP app development.

The biggest demotivator for programmer
Maintaining bad code and doing useless tasks will destroy your will to live.   Anton Litvinenko contributed this link.
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