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Daily Dose - Save the Wave

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Sure, maybe you didn't find a use for Google Wave, but a core group of loyal users sure did.  These users are now fighting to keep Google Wave from being shut down after Google announced last week that the project wasn't gaining any traction and they were going to abandon development.  There is a website, buttons, and t-shirts with which you can show your support for the "Save Google Wave" cause.  Google will be open sourcing the code, so developers would be able to make a service of their own.

Want to see how often certain cloud services experience outages or other issues? has a running list of blogs from leading cloud service providers, bringing users a unified portal to find out about outages as they happen.  CloudFail also monitors Twitter and Basecamp.  It's great for helping customers guide their questions about a service provider.  

Microsoft's IronRuby Team: An Army of One
Former Microsoft employee and IronRuby developer Jimmy Schementi blogged this week about the status of the IronRuby project.  Apparently Microsoft's development team for the project is now down to one person, he says.  Schementi says he left Microsoft after seeing a "serious lack of commitment" to IronRuby.  The 1.0 version or IronRuby was just released in April.  Schementi says he is extremely disappointed with Microsoft's decisions around dynamic languages on .NET.

Skype is Going Public
An SEC filing reveals that Skype could make $100 million from an IPO which will result in the company being listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange.  eBay bought Skype in 2005 and has sold off most of most of the company in the past year.  

A Very Interesting Feature of Scala
A paper on Scala generics could change your mind about using Scala. 
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